Trelawny Q&A

Business and the Community Q&A with Trelawny Director, Rob Chapman

1)Trelawny is the sponsor of the Business and Community category in the Leamington Business Awards 2017. What would you say is the importance of the community in relevance to the success of your business?

Trelawny, based in Leamington Spa for more than 60 years, pride ourselves on how far the business has grown and the progress we have made over that time. It would not have been possible without our high quality staff, many of who are from the local community and whose families are part of the Leamington Spa or the further Warwickshire Area. This quality has been a major factor in our growth, and it is very encouraging to see the community of Leamington having the same effect on developing businesses in the local area.

2) You’re an international company, with customers all over the world – how do you keep your strong community ethos?

We engage in charity activities and sporting events in the area in order to keep the Leamington spirit alive. However, due to the extensive overseas travel a number of our staff have to make, we can feel like passing ships, therefore we make an effort to hold events where all of our staff get together. These often centre round charitable events, an example being the golf tournament we held last month where we were delighted to raised £270 for Cystic Fibrosis.

With our customers and suppliers spread all over the world, we engage with them through visits and exhibitions, which can literally be in all four corners of the globe. On these occasions we try to engage in activities they might taking part in themselves in their communities in order to be part of their team. This then extends to visitors we may have here at home in Leamington.

This ‘coming together’ through activities and shared interests extends the community ethos beyond our company and the surrounding area into our wider support network of customers and suppliers.

3) To any businesses in the local area of Leamington just starting out, what would be your advice to them to help win the Business and Community award? 

It is important for companies to demonstrate that they engage with the community in offering training for employees and taking an active interest in events that support local charities. Many individuals are involved in charity and community work outside of the work place, and appreciate it immensely if their own employer supports and recognises the work that they do.

The training of staff is a very key aspect to any business and it is important that companies can demonstrate their active enthusiasm for training and encouraging their staff to develop.

For example at Trelawny, this month, two of our apprentices completed their first year of their apprenticeship having experienced working in the majority of departments along the way. Additionally, three graduates have started with us in the last three months on trainee programmes, however, sadly said a farewell to our intern Joe who completed his University placement year with us and will return to University to finish his degree in sports design.

All are developing lifelong skills that will help them in their future careers!  Investing in the young people of Leamington and surrounding area is very important to us as they are the future of our community! My advice is to invest in the community and it will give back to you and your business.

4) Any final comments?

All of us at Trelawny would like to wish all the entries of the Leamington Business Awards every success and we look forward to being part of such of great event for our community.