Trelawny SPT Limited

Trelawny SPT Limited

Category sponsor: Business and the Community

Trelawny SPT Limited is an independent manufacturer of pneumatic tools and surface preparation equipment based in Leamington Spa.

For over 60 years Trelawny has been offering an extensive range of equipment for the preparation of concrete, steel and stone for many industries, including construction; floor preparation; marine and offshore; and nuclear decommissioning.


The Trelawny team is frequently out on the road demonstrating what their specialist equipment can do. With Trelawny products being sold worldwide through their network of distributors and stockists, the team is often called upon to attend exhibitions and events in locations as diverse as Scotland, Dubai and Las Vegas!

Trelawny is proud to sponsor the Business and the Community category in this year’s Leamington Business Awards. The company is no stranger to community commitment, with the team known to take part in charitable events as well as offering work placement opportunities to young people looking to develop skills and experience.

Group Finance Manager, Sarah Adamo, said: “We are delighted to be sponsoring the Business and the Community category at the Leamington Business Awards. Leamington Spa is a thriving hub of fantastic businesses, many of whom donate time, effort and money into supporting the wider community, whether that’s raising money for charity or freely sharing their expertise and skills so that others can benefit.  We’re really pleased that this award will celebrate those businesses going the extra mile to help their community.”

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