Top tips for building a great team

Top tips for building a great team

Earlier this year, Award Organiser, HB&O, was delighted to receive the accolade of ‘Team of the Year’ at the Coventry & Warwickshire FirstPro Awards. In light of this achievement, Managing Director, Mark Ashfield, shares his thoughts on the main things to consider to build and maintain a great team.

We’re acutely aware of how important our staff are – people buy from people and every member of our team represents our organisation. Naturally, we are all more productive when we’re happy at work and feel valued. With that in mind, there are a number of things we aim to achieve at HB&O to continue to build a strong, cohesive team.

Hiring the right people

It sounds obvious, but putting time and effort into recruitment is vital. Employing people who fulfil the criteria, both in terms of academic qualifications and experience, for the role in question is important but you should also consider suitability and ability to fit into the culture of your organisation. Assessing personality and character traits prior to recruitment should help decide whether the candidate will integrate well with your current team.

Rewarding staff for good work

Motivation and happiness in the workplace benefits everyone – happy staff are likely to be more productive and less inclined to move on. Paying well is important both in attracting and retaining employees, however, valuing your staff through feedback and creative benefits can do more to maintain loyalty and retain your best people. Showing appreciation for a job well done can be overlooked when we’re all busy, but counts for a lot, particularly when someone is going the extra mile in their job.

Formal benefits – both financial and non-financial are also important. At HB&O, we’ve recently introduced a new scheme to give employees discounts on various purchases from groceries to holidays. Other benefits, taxable and non taxable, can be offered to improve employee satisfaction such as private health insurance, a company car or free parking. Offering a range of rewards and benefits improve can improve employee motivation and contribute to reducing staff turnover.

Encouraging strong team morale

Through a mixture of formal events such as Christmas parties, summer parties or team building days, plus informal events such as charity quiz nights or team lunches, socialising outside of work can have a positive impact on staff morale. Providing opportunities to socialise with colleagues has helped our team build stronger relationships, which has  enhanced team working – particularly across our two sites – benefiting both our staff and our clients.

Career development opportunities

Opportunities to progress in a job is often an important criteria when people look to join an organisation. Loyal and motivated employees will work hard to excel in their role and career progression opportunities will continually give employees something to work towards. Encouraging continued development and providing access to appropriate training has benefits for both the employee and employer as employees will be gaining new knowledge and skills to apply in their role.

Flexible working practices

Pressures of modern day life can mean that the traditional nine to five working day does not fit the needs of many employees. Flexible working can be a fantastic way to increase motivation and morale within employees. Offering the ability to work from home, flexible daily hours, part time work or compressed workweeks can reduce staff turnover, absenteeism while also attracting outstanding employees who may benefit from these practices.

We were thrilled to see our whole team recognised at the FirstPro Awards but we’re always on the look out for new and interesting ways to engage and support our staff. What are your top tips for building and maintaining a great team?