South Warwickshire Achievement Award

In recognition of the number of companies neighbouring Leamington that contribute to the town, this award recognises organisations based in South Warwickshire that contribute to Leamington. Judges will be looking for evidence of achievements during 2018/19 such as growth, innovation, community support, and customer service. Please include information on any work you do to support companies or individuals based in Leamington, or any other ways you engage with the town.

Shortlisted entrants may be asked to provide additional information such as annual turnover and profit. This is for judging purposes and will only be shared with the awards administrative team and judges.

  • What makes your organisation stand out – what impact do you have on clients/customers/stakeholders
  • Your links with Leamington
  • Your biggest achievement in the last two years and/or challenges you have overcome
  • What are your biggest achievements in the last two years?
  • How your organisation engages with and support the local community in Leamington?