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Testimonials – Previous Winners

Entering awards is good for business – but don’t just take our word for it

Debating whether or not to enter the Leamington Business Awards this year? Why not take a look at what previous winners have to say?

The awards give Leamington businesses a fantastic opportunity to raise their profile and gain recognition in the local community and beyond for the work they do. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We’ve spoken to some of the winner’s from 2016 so you can hear first hand why entering the awards could be invaluable for you and your business.

Ruth Waring, Labyrinth Logistics Consulting Ltd – winner of the 2016 Business Person award.

Entering the awards really makes you reflect on all the amazing things you have achieved in the last 12 months, and focus on the positive; it’s so easy to think about what we have failed to do but this exercise really helps you refocus.

We were able to use the online voting opportunity as a way of reconnecting with old contacts and it’s a great thing to do via social media. Most people are happy to say something positive.

Winning the award means a lot to me, I am delighted to live and work in Leamington and it is an amazing and inspiring place. I proudly put it on the bottom of each email. I am delighted with the publicity it has brought and the improved profile.

I would really recommend going for the 2017 awards and you just never know!

Helen Barge, Risk Evolves – winner of the 2016 Professional Services award.

Being part of the awards has dramatically increased the visibility of Risk Evolves and the comments and feedback have been second to none. I have been able to use this information on the website for testimonials and I’ve also built on and improved the business based on the comments received.

The Leamington Business Awards are so important for Leamington and its community. The awards help Leamington in so many ways and shows how the town punches way above its weight, highlighting the immense capabilities of local businesses.

On top of all that, the awards ceremony is just such a fun night out for the businesses in Leamington to come together and celebrate each other’s successes.

Robert Jinks, Guide Dogs – winner of the 2016 National Business award.

Guide Dogs were delighted and honoured to be a winner of the Leamington Business Awards last year. The award recognised the work and achievement that the Charity has made in the local community, and it’s just an extra bonus that this recognition comes from local businesses and individuals.

The award has also created a pride of this recognition amongst the staff of Guide Dogs at Leamington Spa, and the trophy sits at a prominent place within our reception area.

It provides an opportunity for enhanced exposure for local businesses, as well as creating awareness of the work of the winners, it is a very motivating factor.

Guide Dogs would wish to thank all of the people that voted for our Charity to be one of last year’s winners for these awards.

Michael Price, Prices Spices – Winner of the 2016 ‘New Business’ award.

Can we think of any reasons not to enter? Simply put no…

But here are several reasons why you should enter and put your business in front of the rest of the town.

  • It’s about the town for the town, however this doesn’t mean you can’t expand further and take it nationwide.
  • The judges are local business minded people that will look for creativity and future potential, as well as the journey so far.
  • Having the opportunity to network with so many like minded business people on the awards ceremony evening.
  • Remind yourselves why your business is so good and you can tell everyone about it.
  • Being recognised in the area for what you do.
  • Receiving feedback after the awards to understand voters and judges thoughts.

From winning our award we also received a twelve month membership to the Leamington Business Forum, and have been able to network with many other local businesses that have lead to business opportunities. Quite simply had we have not entered the awards, we probably wouldn’t be where we are today!

To read more about the benefits Prices Spices gained from entering the Leamington Business Awards, read the full article here.