Category sponsor: Young Person of the Year

IAPS represents around 670 of the world’s best schools. We provide excellence in education.

We are passionate about improving access to education for all. The IAPS charitable trust, iTrust, helps to pay for a prep school education for some of the most disadvantaged children in society. We believe every child should benefit from the best possible start in life.


We also believe it is important to nurture talent, through both a values-led education and by celebrating the successes of today’s youngsters. We are proud to sponsor the Leamington Business Awards’ Young Person of the Year Award, not least since our Chief Executive David Hanson is a founding member of the Leamington Business Forum.

‘It was entrepreneurs who built Leamington, and entrepreneurs who made the Midlands the industrial powerhouse of Britain. It will be entrepreneurs who will secure its future’ David explains.

‘It is a pleasure to sponsor this award. At IAPS, we understand the importance of high-quality education and training in improving peoples’ lives. Our staff have access to a wealth of bespoke learning resources, and the most comprehensive training programme in the UK.’

Find out more about IAPS at iaps.uk.