Aubrey Allen

Aubrey Allen

Category sponsor: Warwick District Charity of the Year Award

From a back street shop in Coventry opened by the orphan Aubrey Allen in 1933, to the award winning business it’s evolved into today, the core philosophies that run through the business have remained the same.

Aubrey Allen was passionate about education and was innovative in his business thinking driven by his desire to escape poverty.


Our staff, many of whom have worked with us for over 10 years, share and understand our family philosophy of integrity, education and experience over the fast buck and quick fixes. Our business is enhanced by our established reputation, quality of our products and great customer service, along with the availability of our meat, not only at our French steakhouse and Bistro in Leamington, Oscar’s, but also at over 400 restaurants and pubs throughout the UK.

Our customers say: “This is the one place I can go into in Leamington Spa and I know I will get excellent service, knowledge, marvellous food and extremely good advice on what I’m buying.”

“Your combination of cooked and uncooked meat selections, deli counter with cheese and salad ingredients, together with gift ideas are second to none in Leamington. I visit two to three times a week!”

“Aubrey Allen’s quality is always there without question and the staff take it to the next level. Whether I want to know how to cook something different, your suggestions never fail, or ask you to provide a cut that you have never heard of and you will always find a way to get it. I have shopped weekly at Aubrey Allen since 1997 and have never been disappointed. I know Aubrey Allen prides itself as the ‘Chef’s Butcher’ however I think you should be ‘Everyone’s Butcher’

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